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Wirelessly Monitor Your Boat with the YS-3

Yacht Watchman YS-3 Yacht Watchman International, Inc.© is proud to announce the Yacht Sentinel® YS-3, the next generation vessel monitoring system. Designed to deliver “Peace of Mind for the Boat Owner®,” The YS-3 is a real time 24/7 system which receives and reports information on any of the boat’s system you wish to monitor. Additionally, it provides security and gives GPS location and track of the vessel. Using wireless sensors, the unit automatically monitors and reports vessel conditions to the boat owner or his designees via phone, text, or email. The owner can access Yacht Watchman’s secure website from a personal computer, PDI or cell phone and view current and historical conditions as well as location and track. The owner can specify and change parameters for alarm conditions for each sensor and to whom that condition is reported.

How the YS-3 works

Independent of other systems
The Yacht Sentinel® YS-3 is totally independent of any other boat systems. It has a low power draw and is totally self contained. The YS-3 has its own on board radio (GSM or Satellite*) for outgoing and incoming communications. It includes a GPS and holds a back-up power source. The YS-3 is intelligent and contains its own built in mini processor (computer) which constantly monitors sensor conditions, yet reacts only when an exception to the normal conditions occurs. The owner / operator of the boat sets the sensor condition criteria and can change them at any time via a web enabled device.

Vessel and owner communication
Access to and from the YS-3 unit is through secure internet communication. The YS-3 utilizes redundant Yacht Watchman server centers. This links the customer to the vessel and all of its real time and stored historical data. Accessing current data or changing alarm criteria is done by the owner / operator through Yacht Watchman’s dedicated webpage. Communication with the boat is completed with YS-3’s GSM or Satellite* radio. This process is in real time and is similar to writing an email or filling out a simple online form.

System communications
When the YS-3 recognizes that a specific sensor condition has been exceeded, it immediately transmits a message to the owner/operator. This is achieved through YS-3’s internal GSM or Satellite* radio in conjunction with Yacht Watchman’s Server Center. The message is based on the owner / operators pre-designated method (phone, text, fax, email, etc) and will simultaneously appear on the boat’s webpage.

What the system monitors
The YS-3, in its basic form, will monitor and report on bilge pump operations, battery (banks) voltage, shore power availability, high water, security (motion and or door and hatch alarms), smoke, temperatures of living areas, refrigeration / freezers or equipment, vessel location and track, geofence area entry and departure.

What is it and how does wireless work
YS-3 uses miniature sealed and self powered radio transceivers installed throughout the boat to sense and communicate the condition of various vessel systems. This eliminates the need to run wires throughout the boat and allows additional monitoring sensors to be added after the initial installation. These functions are connected to the YS-3 via the miniature radio transceivers, and are interpreted by the imbedded YS-3 processor resulting in immediate action.

* Satellite units available Q2, 2010.

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